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Precision Viticulture by Tolley Viticulture

Posted 03/07/2018

As a passionate viticulturist and grower, Simon believes that the more information (in our vineyards) we have, the greater we’re able to grow more efficiently and improve our quality of grapes/wine. 

As such, we now have access to a TSM (a Topsoil Mapper). The Topsoil Mapper is a precision agriculture soil sensor using EMI (electromagnetic induction) which allows creation of soil maps. This means that we can now provide a unique TSM mapping service for our own vineyard, and for our clients – allowing us to see what’s going on under the vines. You see, the high resolution soil surveying device enables us to glean valuable and detailed information about soil fertility, soil types, soil salinity and the soil's hydrologic characteristics. 

Best practice is to use a "green seeker" and GPS, positioned to view the side of a vine rather than from over the top (ie. rather than from the air) to provide colour images depicting vineyard growth conditions or vine productivity (from late spring, early summer) from normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI).

This aim of our new TSM service is to assist growers in improving grape and wine quality, reduce unnecessary inputs, and to make them more aware of their vineyard's position. More importantly though, vineyard owners will now be able to see changes resulting from slight adjustments or improvements over time.

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