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Simon Tolley 5AA Interview with Michael Keelan

Posted 23/05/2018

We held a wine tasting at St Peters Cellars on Saturday 5th May. Thanks to everyone who came out to try our wines!

On the morning of the tasting Simon Tolley was invited to be interviewed on 5AA, on Michael Keelan's Weekend Show. You can listen to the interview here.

And here's the transcript:

5AA: From the beautiful Adelaide Hills Simon Tolley joins us, Simon good morning

Simon: Good morning

5AA: Well, what are the hills like at the moment? That rain

Simon: Well yes, we had about 33mm of rain over 2 days over Thursday and Thursday night, what just what we had all been waiting for, for a long time

5AA: Even though you, I suppose irrigate most of your vineyards, it’s still nice to have this natural rainfall at this time of the year I guess

Simon: Oh it is, it’s crucial for germinating new grasses while the soil is still warm. Before the weeds take over the grass, the grass can take hold and a follow up rain is just as important

5AA: Hey Simon, I was down at the Langhorne Creek Wine luncheon yesterday, and they are celebrating with one of their, saying one of their  best vintages ever. Same in the Adelaide Hills?

Simon: I agree. We have had a fantastic growing season and it was very dry from January onwards, and , we could time the harvest perfectly because we had no rain, and cool nights and a dry Indian summer, I guess, and we could just time to harvest our fruit perfectly

5AA: Oh that’s good. This could be a year people could sort of put in their forward diary, that the reds are going to be good and the whites, I suppose as well

Simon: Yes I think so, it’s going to be one of those years, but to be honest, I think the last couple of seasons have been pretty good as well. We have been pretty lucky with some good yields over the last 3 years now and some extremely good quality fruit. I think  generally consumers, should be pretty happy with what has been produced over the last 3 years

5AA: Hey Simon, before we talk about the wines that are on tasting at St Peters Cellars, a bit of heritage, the Tolley name. Where do you fit into the whole family tree

Simon: I get asked that quite often. My father is Andrew Tolley, and he was a winemaker for Taylors, for a long time, in the Clare Valley. And that is where I grew up. And his father was David Tolley,  who has since passed, but David was an integral part of Tolley’s Pedare* Wines  as a viticulturist in Hope Valley

5AA: He was the ‘DA’, was he?

Simon: He was the ‘DA’, correct, yes, yes

5AA: So you have taken on the mantle, the name to continue

Simon: Yes, I think that’s very important for me and our family to try and keep that heritage going. And the Tolley’s Wine did sell back in the 90’s, unfortunately, but that’s just the way it goes. But I’ve got a passion for grapes and viticulture and so does my father Andrew, and we are keeping it alive

5AA: Fantastic. Alright, Simon tell us about the wines today. 2017 Adelaide Hills Sauvvy Blanc

Simon: Yes, so we have that on tasting today from 3 o’clock  at St Peters Cellars. It’s a typical Adelaide Hills style Sauv Blanc, with an aromatic style, fruit driven, tropical flavours, hints of gooseberries and lime, and tasting very well at the moment

5AA: And the Adelaide Hills Chardonnay

Simon: Chardonnay, yes. It’s a 2016 Chardonnay. We had that on secondary fermentation in barrels for about 6 months. So it’s a bigger pallet. It has the nice white peach flavours, with a hint of citrus as well, and that’s drinking very well too

5AA: Hey Simon Leith just showed me a photograph, of which  looks like a Rosé in a very tall slender bottle. Is that a Rosé

Simon: That’s a Rosé. Unfortunately where not taking that today as we don’t have it in the store but we will have to talk to George about that

5AA: Lift your game George

Simon: It’s a Pinot Noir Rosé from our vineyard in Woodside and that’s going, very, very well actually

5AA: Very elegant looking bottle

Simon: It’s a stunner isn’t it

5AA: Tom Keelan will be very envious of that one I reckon

5AA: So you have just the 2 on tasting today Simon

Simon: And we have the 2013 Shiraz, yes. So that’s coming into the best time to drink that, a few years in bottle now, and that’s got lovely red black berry aromas and that’s well balanced, medium bodied styled wine, beautiful soft silky tannins at the moment, and that’s selling very well

5AA: Is that the sort of red wine, I mean, I know you can drink it now, but would you cellar that for a while, or not

Simon: I think it is in it’s optimum about now actually. I think it is  drinking absolutely fantastically at the moment. And we have in the shed waiting our 15 Syrah and 16, it’s all there waiting. We only have a couple of pallets to go of the Shiraz and then we are into the 15. I think it’s very important not to release reds too early. I think bottle age, just for a few years at least. Can really value the wine, even more so

5AA: And also people get used to a style of red that you make, particularly reds, and they will hang out for the next vintage. They probably stash a few away, of the 2013 Shiraz and wait in great anticipation for the next batch to come out. So it works pretty well

5AA. Alright now, are you down there today Simon

Simon: I am from 3 o’clock and I’m hoping my Father Andrew might take over from about 4 o’clock

5AA: Well this is real meet your maker, maker

Simon: That’s right

5AA: Alright Simon, lovely chatting with you

Simon: Thanks Michael

5AA: And good luck with today’s tasting, between 3 – 6

Simon: Ok, thanks very much

5AA: Thank you Simon. Simon Tolley our special guest there from Simon Tolley Wines. And Dad Andrew down there. What a pedigree. How good is the label. David. Pedare. They were Pedare days. They were up at Hope Valley. Beyond. Famous name.  I know it’s not on tasting today, but if you want to see on our Facebook page, that bottle, the middle bottle, again as someone who doesn’t drink, that’s the kind of thing you buy off the shelf. You would go straight to that, you wouldn’t look at the price. Just the ascetics of it. In fact my wife just sent me a text message saying, yum!

*Pedare is short for Peter, David & Reg Tolley

You can listen to the interview here.