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Spring Wine and Food Pairings

Posted 17/09/2018

Spring. It’s the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth. The days are getting longer and warmer, as the Winter hibernation leaves us for another year.

In the cool climate region of the Adelaide Hills, as well as bringing a profusion of colour, it can also mean some frosty mornings which we need to protect our vines from – especially in the earlier part of the season.

In Spring, buds start bursting on our otherwise naked vines. The season starts to unfold, literally before our eyes. The quality and yield of our vines is set at this time of year – the start of our next vintage. We’re vigilantly monitoring our vines to ensure the canopy is balanced and the vines are healthy. You see, great wine is made in the vineyard, so Spring is a crucial time in the grape-growing process. It’s also in this season that we count bunch numbers and estimate the grape yields that our vines will produce.

When it comes to Springtime, with more blue skies and sunny days, don’t we all have this desire to get out more? More entertaining, more socialising. And there’s nothing better than drinking your favourite wine with friends, matched with a beautiful meal, using fresh produce of the season.

Wine and food pairing is not an exact science – it’s more of an art, but one in which anyone can be the artist! The most important thing is that you enjoy the pairing. You don’t need to follow the rules precisely, but in case you’d like a bit of guidance, we’ve put together this list of Spring Wine and Food Pairings, making sure to utilise seasonal foods where possible. Enjoy!

Our favourite: Lobethal Road, Bacchant Chardonnay
Matches well with: oysters, sushi, sashimi, fresh salads, light white fish, tapas, cold hors d’oeuvres, Camembert

Our favourite: 2017 Simon Tolley Pinot Noir Rosé (light pink due to minimal skin contact, with notes of strawberry, musk, and floral; a soft, dry palate, and a rustic, crisp dry finish)
Matches well with: Caesar or Nicoise salad, charcuterie plate, grilled seafood, shellfish

Our favourite: 2016 Simon Tolley Chardonnay (a complex bouquet with stone fruit aromas, white peach flavours, cashew and a hint of citrus acidity; a full bodied style, with subtle and restrained oak)
Matches well with: roast chicken, salmon, crab cakes, tarragon-flavoured dishes, Brie, prawns

Our favourite: 2017 Simon Tolley Sauvignon Blanc (aromatic and fruit-driven, with a clean and crisp palate of medium weight, and tropical flavours of gooseberries and lime)
Matches well with: Goat’s cheese, seafood, green vegetables

Our favourite: Ashton Hills (Psst…we'll be launching our own Pinot Noir soon!)
Matches well with: duck, beef, turkey, lamb, ham, mushroom, aged Camembert, cured meats, tuna, barbecue, roast pork

Our favourite: Lindemans, St George
Matches well with: Cheddar, chicken wings, beef carpaccio, moussaka, lamb, burgers, Bolognese, lasagne

Our favourite: 2015 Simon Tolley Syrah (strong varietal character, with mixed red and black berry aromas; a mouth filling, well-balanced medium to full bodied palate; well-structured with soft, silky tannins)
Matches well with: Gouda cheese, grilled meats of all kinds, sausages, black olives

Our favourite: 2013 Simon Tolley Shiraz (floral and mixed berry fruit aromas with strong varietal character, mid-weight, but well-structured with fine, soft, silky tannins)
Matches well with: roast beef, rich beef stew, lamb, kangaroo,